Shiatsu College

The Shiatsu College, Dublin was established to offer professional shiatsu training in Ireland and offers a high standard of excellence.Our fully accredited teaching staff have extensive qualifications and clinical experience in western and oriental medicine. We are continually updating and adding to our course options to suit students’ needs.Teachers and students work together in a friendly, supportive environment. Classes are warm, great fun and designed to promote active participation.

The Shiatsu College of Dublin was founded out of the love and passion of this healing art and is dedicated to the promotion of good health and improved well-being for ourselves.

Our aims are:

To create greater awareness in society of the need for the prevention of illness rather than the simple treatment of recurring symptoms

To provide courses that are interesting, challenging, educational, rewarding and fun.

To produce graduates whose professional work is of the highest standard.

To bring comforted and care to people without intrusion.

To bring awareness to students of the natural healing body

To provide support for students, on their individual needs, on any issue whether it is administration or teaching related.

That all courses (except introductory courses) are taught by at least two teachers to bring a variety of style and input.

I had been working as a Beauty Therapist for about 8 years when I decided that I wanted to learn something new that would complement my work. I loved what I did, but at the time I worked in a busy Spa and sometimes it was like working on a conveyer belt. Massage one body, send them out and get the next one in! I heard about the Shiatsu College through a friend and decided to give it a go. It was so different from anything I had done before. It was all about mindfulness. How you are feeling, what you are feeling from the recipient. Slow down, don’t think about your next client or running on time or that you have to go to laundry or what are you going to make for dinner! What is happing under your hands right now. It is such a lovely way to work. We are taught the importance of meditation and self-analysis to help us achieve this awareness during the treatment. And in turn I have found that you can’t help but let it spill into your own life. The greatest lesson I have taken from the college is that not only is Shiatsu a lovely way to work but a lovely way to live!

Lynn Pepper

Shiatsu College Dublin graduate 2016