It is through the awareness of our inner breath that helps bring ease to our bodies, releases stress and bring a sense of ease to our troubled minds.

These men’s yoga classes will look at developing the warrior nature of men and help us bring this courageous sense of self into our daily lives.

Through movement with, awareness of breath, Yoga brings the strength and flexibility that enables us to find our own source of courage to help us face the difficulties and stress in this modern age. It helps us to grow up.

Whether you are a golfer, a walker, a cyclist or engage in any activity, the energy that we can release from our hips, through the practice of yoga, can bring a change to how you are with these activities. We don’t guarantee it but you golfers may get another 50yards on your drive!!!!!

This practice of Yoga can help you gain a sense of lightness, grounding and ease for both your body and mind and there is nothing like the good night’s sleep after a Yoga Class.